The Migrant Experience

a stage 5 webquest on
migration and multiculturalism

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how to complete your task
the process

Step 1 - Read the complete webquest so that you understand what is expected of you and how to go about it.
Step 2 - Find out where your country is through this link, what its current political situation is, and think about why you would wish to leave the country and move to Australia. The reasons may be within the country or within you depending on your allocated character.
Step 3 - Research, in detail, the Department of Immigration website particularly the sections on migrating to Australia, including the Overview and the special section for your character; life in Australia; and Multicultural Australia. Keep in mind the questions you will need to answer in your letter. Look here on how to write your letter.
Step 4 - Find the right form for you to fill in for your application from this section of the website called Online Services - General Information - where you should go to "M" in the alphabet listing for Migration
Step 5 - Print off the correct form (do you know how to do it correctly? Check out this link) and fill it in.
Step 6 - research Multiculturalism and the changes which have occurred in the last 50 years which changed Australia's migration patterns. Use this link to find out the history of multiculturalism. There are other links on your task page and on the resources page.
Step 7 - Draft your letter to accompany your application making sure that you answer the questions set in the Task. Don't forget the link here about how to write your letter. Remember this is a formal application and must be done properly if you want good marks.
Step 7 - Make a final copy of your letter, put it together with your application form and place them in an envelope addressed to the same address on the letter. Give your letter and application to your teacher.