a stage 5 webquest on
migration and multiculturalism

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student reflection - can you answer these questions?

About your character and his/her country

1. What have you found out about your character and their birth country?

2. How different is it to Australia?

3. Could you understand why they might want to leave their country and move to Australia?

4. How easy or difficult was it for your character to successfully apply to come to Austsralia?

About Australia

4. What have you learnt about today's migration policies? How have they changed since World War Two?

5. What have you learnt about multiculturalism? How much of a difference did it make to have this policy in place in Australia, firstly, to Australia and, secondly, to potential migrants? Why?

6. Has your view of Australia changed in anyway now that you have seen it through the eyes of an outsider?

7. Do you agree or disagree with the images put forward by the Department of Immigration? Do they all apply equally to all of Australia? Is it an honest assessment of Australia and Australians?

You are to be congratulated, however, on getting through this task. You have shown that you have good ICT skills, can research on the internet, accept guidance and recommendations as to what you should be doing and, above all, you are being an active participant in the civics and citizenship of Australia. Well done!

Oh! By the way! What did you find out about the need to be English speaking/writing to be a successful applicant to move to Australia?