The Migrant Experience

a stage 5 webquest on
migration and multiculturalism

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Your task is to become ONE of the following people and apply for permission to migrate to Australia.

- a business person from Taiwan
- a skilled person Serbia
- a spouse, partner, fiancee from England
- a family member from South Korea
- a refugee from Kashmir
- a person with close ties to Australia from East Timor (relatives in Darwin)
- a former resident returning from Scotland
- a distinguished talent from Sri Lanka

- a business person from Zimbabwe
- a skilled person from China
- a spouse, partner, fiancee from Lebanon
- a family member from New Zealand
- a refugee from Afghanistan
- a person with close ties to Australia from Nepal (family in Tasmania)
- a former resident returning from Hong Kong
-a distinguished talent from Israel

- a business person from Russia
- a skilled person from USA
- a spouse, partner, fiancee from Czech Republic
- a family member from Germany
- a refugee from Iraq
- a person with close ties to Australia from Papua New Guinea (family in Brisbane)
- a former resident returning from South Africa
- a distinguished talent from Denmark

You will be allocated the person by your teacher.

You are to prepare a submission to the Australian Government using the appropriate form which can be accessed through this Department of Immigration website, stating how you meet the requirements for migration | asylum | refugee status.

You are to write an accompanying letter stating

- why you should be accepted by Australia given the changes (learn about them here) which have occurred to Australia's migration policies since the introduction of Multiculturalism with a timeline here and more background information here to help you along the way
- what you can offer Australia
- what Australia can offer you

You may make the assumption that for the purposes of this exercise you can read and write English sufficiently well to complete the tasks. After all, as Australians speak English might that not be a point in your favour? But, then again, multiculturalism is the go in Australia so does knowing English matter?