a stage 5 webquest on
migration and multiculturalism

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The Discovering Democracy Middle Secondary Units Work Book has some very good information on What Sort of Nation is Australia, pp. 137-163. Of particular interest for this task are pages 142 to 150 and would make good pre-reading.

The Australia2030 website is very useful for background information and there are accompanying materials which have been distributed to schools for their use. If you dont have the materials look at this website for the Studies documents 2/2000 and 3/2000 for background information on migration and multiculturalism. Go to the site and then enter the site from the front page. Click on STUDIES in the boxes on the top right hand of the toolbar. Scroll down for the two Studies documents.

The PowerHouse Museum in Sydney - a great resource - the PowerHouse Museum site

The Department of Immigration is first and below that general website just two specific pages in a wonderful and detailed resource. There is only one problem with this resource - you could spend all day looking through it.

The following is an interesting article written on a special anniversary regarding migration and is well worth a read with lots of history of migration and comment on the changes which have occurred.,5744,3689296%5E16362,00.html

Although the next two sites are really for teachers there are some excellent resources on here for background reading. However, again this is a site that could take you quite a while to get through all of it.

A useful on-line resource stating the legal position of migration policies to Australia

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