Use a title page. State your group title, group name and what colony you are representing.

Keep the language formal. Do not use text message, colloquial or casual language. This is a formal document and must be presented in a formal manner.

Do not pad out your submission with too many words. The submission should be no more than three (3) pages (about 750 words) long in its content, plus the Title Page. Keep your message clear. State your arguments clearly.

Use a standard font such as Times New Roman, or Ariel, or Courier, in 12 point with 14 point used for headings. Bold headings but do not underline.

You could begin each of your main paragraphs as follows

(1) This Submission is being made on behalf of the colony of .... (2) The arguments being put for us joining the Federation are ... (3) The arguments being put against us joining the Federation are (4) The benefit/s of Federation to this colony is/are ... (5) The disadvantage/s of Federation to this colony would be ... (6) The benefit/s of Federation for all the colonies is/are (7) The disadvantage/s of Federation for all the colonies would be

There is a link here to a detailed summary of how to write a report. It is very detailed but you may find it useful to read this to use as a guideline only but remember that you have a limited amount of space and your teacher will let you know whether you have to include a bibliography or foot or endnoting.

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You have been told to present your colony's viewpoint using ICT - Information and Communication Technology. This could mean overhead transparencies, a PowerPoint presentation, a website, film or video. Talk to your teacher about how to meet this requirement.

PowerPoint presentations

Create only 8 or 10 slides as an absolute maximum. You have only 4-5 minutes for your presentation. Make sure that you follow the guidelines for PowerPoint presentations and "use" them effectively. You will be assessed on your ability to do so. There are some suggestions here as to how to prepare a PowerPoint for best use. There is also a link to a tutorial if you do not know how to create a PowerPoint

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