The Dawn of a New Australia

A Federation WebQuest for Stage 5 Students

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The year is 1887. You are part of a research team working for Henry Parkes. He is very much for Federation and wants to find out as much as he can about what the colonies and the people want or fear because he is going to deliver a very important speech soon to try to persuade the people of Australia to support Federation. If he can find out their wishes he can include arguments in his speech to persuade people to support Federation.

You must, in a group, research the questions which follow (10 marks), prepare a written submission (20 marks) and prepare a presentation (20 marks) to put your arguments to Sir Henry. Check out how that will be assessed using these links.

You are to find out answers to the following questions in relation to ONE of the colonies and present your report to Sir Henry (your teacher) for him to use for his speech.

(1) What are the reasons for and against Federation as expressed by the people in your colony?

(2) What would the benefits and/or disadvantages be for your colony if the colonies were to Federate?

(3) From your colony's perspective what would be the benefits or disadvantages for all the colonies if they agreed to federate