The Dawn of a New Australia

A Federation WebQuest for Stage 5 Students

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Discovering Democracy CD - Stories of Democracy especially the Upper Primary Unit "The People Make a Nation". This is your first resource as it gives you all the main ideas about why people did or did not want to Federate. It might be on your network or it might be on just one computer. Ask your teacher or teacher librarian.

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If the following CD is also available it too has lots of information. Just follow these instructions.

One Destiny! The Federation Story, CD produced by the Commonwealth Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs. Look especially at the Main Theme "The Road to Federation" accessed by clicking on Sir Henry Parkes cartoon figure on the main page, then clicking on "Main Themes" then selecting further ideas from there.

Also click on the Pavilion on Sir Henry's desk and investigate the issues by clicking on "Debate" on the outside of the Pavilion, having a good look here and, secondly, going inside the Pavilion by clicking on the desk inside the Pavilion and looking at the ideas there as well. This CD will give you all the additional information you need to work out what is important for YOUR colony.
- a very good website which gives you all the
main issues very clearly laid out

This is another page which has all the important reasons. Check it out too.
take your time to have a look at this page as all the arguments you will need to use are summarized here. Some of the language is difficult but it is worth the effort. Remember these documents are over 110 years old now.

Make sure that you also look at the Image gallery and the time line for additional information.

There is also a biography section which will tell you about some of the people involved from your colony.