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When preparing PowerPoint Presentations keep the following in mind

Plan the order of your slides to ensure logical progression through the presentation

Prepare your master slide with care as it sets the theme for the presentation

Prepare each slide incorporating the elements in the order in which you want to present them so that when you animate them they do not ride over each other

Write only brief notes in a medium to large clear font on each slide

Use animation, hyperlinks, graphics and audio only when and if appropriate. Do not use these tools for show only.

Use only 'free' graphics from the internet. To use any other graphics you must have permission from the copyright owner otherwise it is plagiarism.

Practice your presentation

Make sure before hand that where you are going to carry out your presentation has all the necessary equipment to show your presentation correctly.

Use the notes on the slides as prompts only

Never read from the slides - your audience can do that

Take your time to let your audience clearly understand what you are talking about

Print out your slides so that you can make additional notes next to them for your presentation ideas

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