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(including Presentation Skills)

HSIE subjects require good literacy skills for any student to succeed.

The NSW Board of Studies talks about the importance of literacy in their Stage 4-5 Syllabus:

"Literacy skills in reading, writing, talking, listening and viewing are essential to the acquisition of ... skills and knowledge...The areas of research and communication provide the explicit links to the development of literacy skills. Research draws on reading, listening to and viewing a range of historical sources; communication requires students to present information using a variety of oral, written and non-verbal text types. Further, these two skill areas and the literacy skills inherent in them, link directly to the development of the competencies of collecting, analysing and organising information and communicating ideas and information."

Use the links below to see some guidelines on how to improve your literacy in HSIE and other subjects.

Recording Information

Note making
Note taking and effective listening
Making notes from difficult texts Synthesising information from different texts
Mapping information
for clarity

Basic Writing Techniques

Short Answer Writing
Paragraph Writing

Working Out What to Write and How to Write It

Some General Guidelines for the writing and presentation of long writing tasks

Organising for writing extended responses especially for Year 7

Creating mind maps

Using mind maps to write account writing and include quotes

Special Styles of Writing

Empathy Writing
Writing a Business Letter
'Using Sources'
in Stage 4 and 5 History and Stage 6 Modern History

Technical Support for Your Writing

Key words for the HSC
Creating Foot and End Notes
Creating Bibliographies
Annotated Bibliographies

Making your Writing Do More for You

Connectives - making your writing do more for you
- improving the tone of your writing
Putting Quotes into your writing

Presenting Your Work

Oral Presentations



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