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Paragraph Writing

This is the first stage in long writing. It is essential with paragraph writing that you begin your paragraph with a topic sentence or statement which effectively answers the question. You then follow this with explanation which is, in turn, followed by evidence (examples). This known as the SEE method or one method of scaffolding and can be used when writing paragraphs in expositions, explanations, recounts and accounts whether they are guided and non-guided.

S - statement

E - explanation

E - evidence (examples)

Paragraph writing can be either short (6-10 lines) or long (what is called in Geography an "extended answer") up to two pages or more but must have a minimum of three sentences.

Question: In a paragraph of no more than 10 lines answer the following question. Why was it not until 1851 that gold was officially "found" in Australia ? (5 marks) OR

Question: Discuss the impact of global urbanisation on rural and urban places. Write an extended response and in your answer

- explain the impact of recent urbanisation trends in Third World countries

- explain the impact of recent urbanisation trends in developed industrialised countries. (20 marks)

In the first question (non-guided) no guidance has been given but in the second extended response (guided) the students have been told what they should include.

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