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student reflection

Well done! You have finished. What have you learned!

If you have completed this task you have developed your skills in the use of ICT to research a topic and write about it and you should be very pleased with the progress you have made. Well done!

However, that is not the only thing that you have learnt. You have learnt a great deal about two important moments in Australia's political history. You have also come to understand that not every action which is taken in life is seen in only one way. There are many perspectives to everything that happens and you have seen that here. Have you realised that, as a result of the 1975 dismissal, the constitution was changed? What does that say about its importance? Did that happen after the Premier of NSW was dismissed? Can you work out why?

Which perspective do you feel closest to? Do you sympathise with either or both of the dismissed men? Do you sympathise with the men who had to make the decisions to dismiss the Premier and the Prime Minister?

How clear cut do you believe the decisions were? Do you think they were easy decisions to make or difficult decisions to make?

Is there always a "right" or a "wrong" outcome or result. Could the results of such actions as these be a combination of right and wrong? Were the Premier and the Prime Minister victims as some want to say or did they contribute to their downfall as others argue?

If you were now to discuss this in your class you would probably find that there are many divergent views as you and your peers will have been influenced by what you have read in different ways. You will also all have been influenced by your different backgrounds and upbringings. What does that diversity say about Australia and its democratic traditions? Can you all agree? Can you agree to disagree? Can you find some common ideas? Isn't this the point about democracy in Australia? You CAN disagree. You CAN agree to disagree. You CAN debate these issues. So, what sort of democracy do we live in .......?

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