Jan Brady


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2. Table of Contents

3. Career Highlights

4. Statement of Professional Beliefs and Values

4.1 As a teacher
4.2 Achieving my Beliefs and Values
4.3 Future directions for Students

5. Teaching Context - Teaching at The Hills Grammar School

5.1 The School
5.2 As a History Teacher
5.3 Bringing History into the new Millenium
5.4 Beyond 2000
5.5 WebQuests - a new way of learning
5.6 New Directions - Australian Geography

6. Professional Accomplishments - Overview

How I address the criteria may be accessed through a table on the above page or by the specific links provided below

Criteria a.1 and a.2
Criterium b.1
Criteria b.2, b.4, b.5, b.6 and d.1
Criterium b.3
Criterium c.1
Criterium d.2
Criterium d.3
Criteria d.4 and d.5

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