Jan Brady


4.1 As a teacher

My Professional Beliefs and Values are based on the conviction that learning is a life-long activity. I believe that my major role as a teacher is

To develop a climate of teamwork, fairness, consistency and respect to all both inside and outside the classroom
To act as an appropriate role model both inside and outside the classroom
To encourage my students' self-motivation and self-esteem, and,
To develop in them the interest and skills to be life-long learners.

4.2 Achieving my Beliefs and Values

These Beliefs and Values are achieved by recognising

That mutual respect should be shown between teacher and student so that students develop as individuals who are able to express their individuality with clarity of purpose yet, at the same time, accepting and tolerating differences in others
That students learn at different rates in accordance with recognised stages of development and that catering for individual differences amongst students develops their self-esteem
That support to assist students to learn can take many different forms from providing a broad selection of wider reading to encourage self development through providing scaffolding to support their study, research and writing skills to one on one guidance of individual students
That inclusion and acceptance of people with many different backgrounds, culture, religions and abilities develops tolerance and understanding in our multicultural society
That education provides the means by which civic and social values can be transmitted, whether implicitly or explicitly, which provides the students with a firm basis upon which to become active, informed and responsible citizens
That education is a preparation for life and encourages students to develop independence and moral autonomy including accepting responsibility for their behaviour
That student-centred learning in an important part of modern education which allows students to explore their world from the safety of the classroom and construct their own meanings of the world
That technology has become an intrinsic aspect of life in the modern world and that it is important to incorporate its use into the classroom so that students gain the confidence and ability to use ICT effectively and with clear understanding and judgment in the wider world

4.3 Future directions for students

I have often said to my students that my role is to open up the book of learning for them and to show them how to turn the pages and that after they leave my classroom they should continue to read from that book. To others I say that my role is to see a particular horizon but to provide them with shoulders to stand on to see a further horizon.

Happily many have done both and I attach communications received from students and their families over the years which may be accessed through the above link. Most of these sources are also referred to in the text under Professional Accomplishments and may be accessed there as appropriate.

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