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Year 9 is the foundation year for your External School Certificate Reference Tests. It is in Year 9 that you learn many of the skills needed for Year 10 and, therefore, the Tests.

You consolidate those skills in Year 10, often revising the work at some time during the year to make sure that you are comfortable with it.

Your School Certificate Reference Tests cover the following Subjects

All students in New South Wales attempt these tests at the end of Year 10.

In Year 9 it is very important that you begin the year well and make sure that you collect all the materials necessary for your tests. Your teachers will know what will be covered in the tests at the end of Year 10 and they will tell you either at the beginning of Year 9, throughout the year or in Year 10. You, too, can find out independently by going to the BOS Website and looking for the information on the relevant tests.

In some subjects you can be examined on anything in the syllabus. In other subjects the Board of Studies selects certain topic areas.

In addition to content, there will be special skills which you need to be able to carry out effectively to gain good marks. Again your teachers will tell you what these skills are but it is up to you to make sure that, if you have any problems with them, you seek help earlier rather than later.

In most of these subjects you must keep all your materials from Year 9 going into Year 10. This is particularly so in Australian Geography and Australian History. In these two years you study one complete syllabus and the tests can be based on any part of that syllabus. This means that you must be organised with your bookwork from the beginning of Year 9.

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