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  • Listen to your teachers' advice
  • Find out which topic/s are going to be examined
  • Find out how long the exam will be
  • Find out where and when the exam will be
  • Use a special exam preparation timetable for your study
  • Make sure your notes are up to date and fully summarised
  • Exercise regularly before and throughout the exam period
  • Eat properly before and throughout the exam period
  • Get a good night's sleep before each exam


  • Read the whole exam paper including everything on the front page
  • Use all the reading time available
  • Follow all the instructions carefully
  • Use the numbering system in the exam paper
  • Begin your answer to each question on a new page if using single sheets
  • Leave space between your answers to sub-sections of questions both for you to add information and the marker to comment
  • Make sure you write your answer in the correct space where space is provided
  • Take care when filling in multiple choice answer sheets. If you make a mistake, make the correction very clear
  • Plan your answers and stick to what is demanded of the question
  • Label all diagrams, maps, graphs


  • Analyse your results - look at what you achieved, look at where you struggled
  • Take an active role in the return of the exams by listening to your teacher's comments and recommendations
  • Revise your study schedule to make it work more effectively for you
  • Get organised again and NEVER GIVE UP

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